Do I Get Discounts When I Buy Boilx Online?

When you decided that Boilx is the right product for you to get then it’s time to purchase it. No, you can’t go to your local drug store to get it. You can’t find it at Walmart, CVS, or Walgreens either. You have to purchase Boilx online, which you can do at

When you get to the website you will need to enter your skipping information. This will allow the company to calculate your shipping costs ahead of time so you get the full picture of what you will be charged for the order. Now depending on which package you decide to purchase will decide how big of a discount you receive. For example, if you go with a six month supply you will get a larger discount than if you were to go with the three month supply.

Now you may be asking yourself, why do they go by month supplies. Each bottle of Boilx relief spray lasts for about a month. This is considered at two sprays under the tongue three times each day. Now you don’t need to use the Boilx medicine for an entire month, but this will give you an estimate of how much is in each bottle. If you are a person that tends to get a lot of boils than you may want to go with the larger packages so you always have some on hand when boils show up on your skin.